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The FTS Smart Stack

Full control of the Internet stack is an essential part of any business's success. Today's customers use a myriad of mission-critical Internet applications, ranging from VoIP to VPN, streaming, and other services that require a rock-solid connection with stable uplink and downlink speeds and absolute security.

When a problem on the network arises, debugging a traditional ISP connection is both cumbersome and expensive. Even if you have an experienced IT team, they can only see the network performance up to the company router or firewall. On the other side, the traditional service provider only provides a dummy connectivity and is completely hands off on monitoring and debugging your connection. Any attempt to solve the problem leads to many hours, if not days, of phone calls with different customer service teams, service tickets, and huge losses in productivity. These are the indirect high costs associated with traditional Internet and telecom services.

FTS Broadband realized this problem long time ago. Instead of providing a dummy Internet connection and charging extra for each essential service, our experienced engineers designed and created a service stack that perfectly combines IT network, IP security, service stability and Internet service as a complete solution for our customer.

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Monitoring Security Management & Control

FTS's smart service stack technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet solutions. With our highly sophisticated security and monitoring at all levels, we solve many problems before customers even notice them. This is why we have many times less downtime than our competitors, and most of our customers never switch their service after trying us.

How do we deliver this stack? With our patented network infrastructure.

FTS Network Infrastructure

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InternetCore Engineering PrivateVoIP Cloud CustomerNetwork Dedicated Connection FTS DirectBroadband Net FTSGateway


Solid Technology, Solid Service Promise

Our customers know that we deliver—see the difference for yourself.

Do you know where your Internet and telecom is coming from? Unlike resellers using third party connections, our circuit and service are fully owned managed in-house with reliability and performance in mind. Our carrier class network is built to operate in the most extreme weather conditions. With our proprietary technology, FTS delivers service with quality and performance that far outperforms the competition.

High Quality Integrated Solution

FTS is no ordinary ISP that stops at the jack in your wall. We're your one-stop ISP, IT, and VoIP solution provider.

Our service gives you a full, long-term solution for your business. We control, manage, and monitor your system connection without intruding on your privacy to provide the best value possible at an affordable price. Once you sign with FTS, no need to worry over your service. We do all the work behind the scenes, so you can do yours.

Absolute Security

Full-stack protection from the base of your Internet connection to your most crucial applications.

FTS's breakthrough technology allows us to monitor traffic flow in and out of your network to quickly detect and solve any abnormal problems.

Fully Dedicated End-to-End Connection

No more service interruptions and slowness at crucial times—give your service the exclusivity it deserves.

You wouldn't share important office space, so why share your Internet? Many ISPs rebrand residential services for businesses, causing you to share your connection with many other businesses and residences. FTS's business-only fiber optic and microwave network provides a dedicated, symmetrical connection that will meet all specs for your crucial online applications. When you buy bandwidth from us, know that it's guaranteed.

Easy Instant Upgrade

Growing your business or hosting an event? Call us and we'll upgrade your bandwidth within minutes!

Because of our fully managed and integrated service, we're able to make changes to your telecom and Internet service before you even hang up the phone. No longer do you need to wait for days for your service to be changed. We're able to work with whatever system you have, and upgrade whatever you'd like. Got an old security system or phone system you want to keep? No problem, we can make it work!

Great True Value, No Hidden Costs

Full service ISP + VoIP + IT + security, all for one low price

When you get service from us at competitive ISP prices, you're getting the full suite of smart solutions for free. Our services have flexible pricing and bundled packages to fit any business situation. With the much lower downtime and lightning-quick customer service, our value is much greater than the sticker tag.

Smart Broadband

True connection speeds of 5Mbps-10Gbps, guaranteed.

  • Low Latency - Our connection is designed to provide you a low latency connection that allows your system to be more stable.
  • High stability, Your internet service is dedicated; you will always have the bandwidth you paid for 24/7
  • can service commercial locations that are otherwise limited to only copper lines
  • dedicated, symmetrical connection performs best and meets specs of software manufacturers for online applications
  • Capable of design, build, setup, service and protect any custom solution
  • Easy and fast installation - service installed and ready within one week
  • seamless service transfer without downtime

  • animation old infrastructure to new
  • slider thing
  • installation set up parallel to customer’s current service makes transparent switchover
  • Smart VoIP- Customization to our customers success

  • Standard VoIP features supported, including call forwarding, conference, IVR, paging, Voicemail, music on hold, call queue, and etc.
  • phone system features customization to industry specific
  • provide cost effective options for fax, efax and back up alarm lines
  • customized service packages include flexible minute bundles for Local, Long Distance, 800 and International Rates
  • Service compatible with all phone hardware, traditional or IP - PBX, PRI, SIP, VoIP
  • provide new phone system, all wiring and network set up for new location or move
  • Medical VM system service
  • VM paging and emailing
  • professional customer / technical support

  • professional customer / technical support from engineering / not call centers
  • Technical issues are resolved by our tech team in real-time manner.
  • Service extension

  • Provide video conferencing solutions including equipment and high quality connection
  • VPN and remote work from home
  • Remote home office integration with office phone system
  • Small to Large event servine covers attendee 5000
  • Movie and TV shooting bandwidth
  • Broadband for Events

    Looking to find a provider that can supply you an internet connection for your event? Look no further. We have many years of experience servicing events in the Los Angeles area, such as Oscars, Emmys, events for ABC, CBS, HBO, SAG, NBC, and movies and shoots. We deploy centrally managed access points over the event area to ensure full coverage and optimal network performance.

    FTS Service Solutions

    Enterprise Internet Service (20+ employees)

    • Symmetric upload and download bandwidth: 5Mbps-1Gbps
    • Quick responding circuit, low latency, best for cloud computing, VPN
    • High stability, best for cloud computing, VPN
    • Dedicated connection—skip the traffic jams
    • Professional installation, guaranteed compatibility with user equipment
    • Prompt professional technical support
    • Fully managed circuit with additional cyber security protection
    • Best service for price value

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    Business Internet Service (up to 20 employees)

    • Low-latency circuit,best for cloud computing
    • High stability circuit
    • Professional installation, guaranteed compatibility with user equipment
    • Prompt professional technical support
    • Fully managed circuit with cyber security protection
    • $500+ saving

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    Multi-Location Office Phone System

    • Secure communication among offices colleagues
    • Quick and easy 3 digit dial among all extensions
    • Realtime communication status display
    • Call forward among all extensions
    • Corporate Auto Attendant IVR system

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    Business VoIP Phone Service

    • Keep your existing phone numbers
    • HD crystal clear voice quality
    • Rich voicemail functionality
    • Voicemail text message alert
    • Voicemail email alert with recording attached
    • Follow-me service to any phone
    • Auto Attendant IVR system
    • Custom music on hold
    • Fully compatible with any legacy phone system
    • T1, PRI, POTS Trunking
    • Professional customized integration for different users
    • Hassle-free professional installation
    • Zero to few minutes interruption during service cut over

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